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Sessions are by appointment only
Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat  10:00am - 6:30pm


My goal is to help you take your life back from your pain.  To help you be fully present in all the special moments of your life, not distracted or preoccupied by pain or discomfort.  

Every client's pain story is important, and I hope to help you finally close the book on it forever. 

I focus and specialize in treating TMJ pain and dysfunction and it's associated symptoms:

-Headaches                                                               -Deviations of smooth movement with opening/closing

-Jaw tightness or difficulty opening                        -Ringing in ear(s)

-Locking closed                                                         -Neck/shoulder tightness/pain

-Clicking or popping                                                 -Head feeling to heavy for your neck

I treat TMJD but also many other conditions:

-General headaches                                          -Carpal or tarsal tunnel

-Neck/shoulder pain                                          -General discomfort from everyday wear and tear on the body

-Back/hip pain                                                    -Pre/post surgical treatments

-Foot pain or plantar fasciitis                            -Sciatica

Schedule an appointment to finally break free from your pain cycle and live your best life as your most present self.

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