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How should I dress for my session?
Comfortably! It will also depend on the area of focus. If you are coming in for face, head, neck, shoulder, or upper back work, wearing or bringing a loose-fitting collared shirt or tank top is ideal.  If the focus is for lower back, legs, or hips, wearing or bringing with you a pair of loose fitting shorts is a great idea.  Please avoid wearing any perfumes, essential oils, lotions, or body sprays.  If you are scheduled for a manual lymphatic drainage massage, please do not use any body lotion before coming in for your treatment.  With MLD, I need a "grip" when applying pressure and lotions can make it very difficult.

How many sessions will i need?
Unfortunately, there is no set answer for that. Pain is messy, regardless of where it is felt in the body.  My goal is to put together a treatment plan that will get you the best results with the shortest amount of time.  Many people feel remarkable better after just one treatment.  I always suggest to start with 3-5 treatments, depending on what the goal is, about 10 days apart.  Unlike regular massage therapy, the work is very focused so treatment times for follow-up sessions are often as short as 30 mins or 45 mins.  If this is your first time scheduling, it's always a good idea to schedule a few follow-ups after your initial appointment.  We can always change them as needed, but at least you will have them already on the schedule.

I am sensitive to smells.  Do you use a diffuser in your office?
I keep the office free of any perfumes and essential oils.  All linens are laundered with non-fragranced detergents.  I also ask for my clients to refrain from wearing any essential oils or perfumes into the office.  I am sensitive to essential oils and fragrances as well.

Are gift certificates available?
I do not offer gift certificates.  However, arrangements can be made for paying for a friend or family members session.

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