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850-c Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC

Located between the Prosper Building (formerly McBride Office Supply) and Overbrook Apartments

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The office building is located directly off Wade Hampton Blvd in Greenville

(make sure your GPS does not take you to Taylors).

● The office is down a hill and you will not be able to see it from the road.
● The office is located on Wade Hampton Blvd between Batesview Dr and Dupont Dr.

Location Information:

  • Look for the newer three story townhomes on Wade Hampton, the office will be on the opposite side of the street

  • You will see a brown diamond-shaped sign for Randall S. Hiller, PA  and a tall grey and white sign for 870 Wade Hampton Blvd-this is where you will want to turn, we all share an entrance to the parking lot


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  • When you pull into the driveway head straight down the hill, there is plenty of parking on both sides.

  • You are looking for the grey and red building at the bottom of the hill.  DO NOT go to the white 2-story building labeled "C".

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  • Walk through the gazebo and take the pathway to the right that leads to the black door

  • This will open directly into the building's shared waiting room; please have a seat and I will be out to meet you as soon as I can to meet you.

  • I may just finishing up with a client, please do not knock on the door.

  • If you would like, you can check-in by clicking the bouton below this that says "Check-in".  This will let me know you are here 

  • Please set your phone to vibrate or silent while you wait, feel free to use the restroom at this time as well

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